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HIGH SCHOOL CARNIVAL is an annual SCHOOLS talent search that seeks to give a human face to  Uganda’s entertainment industry strengths through competitions by engaging talented young ladies & gentlemen to unveil a passion for showcasing their talent both locally and internationally. Founded in 2016.

It covers all the entertainment categories and people within and around the entertainment industry.

Among other categories these are dancing, singing (original composition), the beat boxing, comedy,  mcing, vjing, djing and others. Our Regional Strategic assignment is to rally people towards their passion and Development skills: 

HIGH SCHOOL CARNIVAL family 2016 joined by other participants at PMM GIRLS jinja Uganda during the  talent SEARCH at the school.


Our Mission
 To bring the YOUNG AND TALENTED youth together in festivity and appreciation of our entertainment, industry diversity, unlocking their passion while endorsing Venture opportunities and unsurpassed environmentally friendly practices through these talent competitions.

Our Vision
Being best association Supporting Enhanced Lively hood through conservation strategies and Elevation 
of young talents.


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